I'm a maker of things digital and physical and have been involved in the arts since I was a kid. A native Texan, I moved to New York City at sixteen to study acting at NYU's School of the Arts. Later, while on scholarship at Film/Video Arts, an independent film production center in the Village, I discovered Photoshop and my love affair with design began. Since I was mostly a self-taught designer, I was lucky the kind folks at Warner Bros. gave me the opportunity to design movie websites. It's still one of the most creative gigs I've ever had.

As much as I enjoyed designing for the web, I love making things you can touch even more...tangible objects that are either functional or decorative (or both). So, after working as an interactive designer and art director at Warner Bros. for nearly 10 years, I took a leap of faith and left full-time work at the studio to tackle several personal design projects.

Leaving a good job and exceptional colleagues in the midst of an economic crisis was terrifying, but the risk was well worth it. I am forever grateful I'm able to pursue my passions and happy that I can offer up some of what I make to you.

I believe every single person on the planet is creative and that making is a form of protest against a society that would beat it out of us if we let it. I believe the act of creating is a holy one and that when we are in the flow, we are connected to the source. Although some of us have forgotten, I believe we were born creative and that we must make, in whatever form that takes, in order to remain whole and remember who we truly are.